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100 Things to do this year

This handout really serves as a tool where you can feel into and think about all the things that you have ever wanted to do and haven't yet.

Ps: This list is due to be upgraded soon, so I'll shout out when a new one is available. In the meantime, use this or make your own in Google doc's, Word or something like Canva.

After Session Guidelines

Your bodymind complex is going to process a session in the best possible way that suites you, your needs and what you curretnly have going on. And it's differetnfor everybody, becuase your all so individual and unique. Understanding some of the ways your body processes sessions is very important. Check it out.

The Three Brains


This is a super great little article from the IBA, (International BodyTalk Association) and it explains in some detail the role of the Three Brains in the body and why we tap over them when either tapping out a formula in a session or tapping out a specific technique.

The Cortices Technique

A fantastic handout that you can print and stick to your fridge, back of toilet door or anywhere, where you want to be reminded to tap out your Cortices! Yes, it's a huge deal.

And this handout is the most recent one as it includes the new upgraded tapping process we do over all three brains...Head, heart and Enteric.

Watch out for the Cortices video that is coming out in the next few weeks.

The Breathing Technique

A very powerful and simple to do breathing technique that stimulates the lymphatic system, re-synchronises the lungs and Diaphragms and helps you to feel more balanced, solid, anchored and whole again.

A word of warning...PLEASE follow the guidelines and only do this technique sparingly. It is very powerful and will stir things up. If you don't follow your internal guidance as to how much of this you need, it can initiate a big detox response which is uncomfortable and unnecessary.

If you have any questions, pop them into the MIO Facebook group page.

What the heck is Homework all about?

This concept of "Homework" sometimes comes up as part of a session. Watch to understand what it is and why it comes up.

The Cortices 


Here you have the long version of the Cortices technique. There is a smaller version in the Video Gallery section of the site. It consists of a part one and part two videos. Good for anyone who you would like to share with, or if you are looking for a refresher just on the technique part itself, then part two would be for you.