One on One- Individual Person by Distance

Sessions with Jacquie are by appointment only. Emergency's require no appointment, and will be done at the very earliest time.


Distance sessions by Zoom or FaceTime can be scheduled for business hours or after hours depending on time availability and where you are located globally. Jacquie generally records distance session's that are not done via zoom and are sent within 24/48 hours via email.

The number of sessions required varies for each individual, acute conditions or severe problems can average 3 to 5 sessions in a short period of time.


Sessions and treatments will be fundamentally based in BodyTalk philosophy, easily and effortlessly incorporating other Life science programs from the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) such as BreakThrough, FreeFall and MindScape concepts and techniques to assist your healing process.


​The animal kingdom is one of the defining reasons that Jacquie started studying The BodyTalk System over a decade ago, and has continued to be a specialized field for her.


Everything from serious and chronic health conditions, trauma, pre and post surgery, behavioural issues, allergies, integration into a new environment and transition during death. Jacquie has worked with all our domestic friends, including the amazing and incredible elephants, giraffe, orangutan, lions, gorilla and many more.

Jacquie understands how precious and valued your animals are to you and your family, and is not only here to support you, but is also the reason why Jacquie choose to become a BodyTalk Access for Animals facilitator, so that everyone could have access to the basics of what Jacquie is extensively trained in.

Group Matrix Sessions

I often tell students and clients that some of the biggest shifts they will experience will be in the presence of a group. Not only does increasing the number of observers amplify the impact of the session on the individual, but the increased understanding of the group amplifies the results for all of the participants.


For some people the concept of doing consciousness balancing at a distance is relatively palatable however, for others, it is not well understood or accepted. Because BodyTalk is working at the level of consciousness (where it can then influence the mind, energy systems, and physical body) it is possible to do from afar and still be effective.


I can't emphasize enough how valuable and important these group sessions are, join one or join them all!  Become a My Incredible Orbit Village member today

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Distance treatments

Long Distance Healing, or Remote Healing, is an energetic healing process done through Quantum Physics Principles. In scientific circles this is known as non-local healing.  It is a proven scientific fact that this method of healing is extremely effective. 


Harvard University holds seminars in non-local healing. The explanations for how distance treatments work come from our understanding of phenomena described by quantum physics. In conducting rigorous experiments to explore the realities of the sub-atomic world, quantum physicists have discovered that when two particles that were once connected are separated, anything that is done to one will have the same and equal effect on the other at the precise same time.


It does not matter how much space separates these particles, a few feet or a few light years. The changes are seen instantaneously in both. There is no transference of information between the two particles, as that would take time. It seems that the two particles behave as one. That is, effects seen “here” are also experienced “there”. This phenomenon has been labeled “non-locality”.


This non-local quality has been noted not only between particles, but between people as well. It can happen spontaneously between family members who are very close – for example, the mother whose hand starts throbbing just as her daughter living down the road burns her hand. Or one twin who feels the labor pains of the other twin who is giving birth at that precise time in another country.

It seems that we can also tap into the non-local nature of the universe deliberately when we take the name and address of a client: it serves to connect us to this person.


Long Distance Healing is wireless technology and works on a principle similar to the mobile phone.  It is fairly well accepted that the garage door opener and the television remote work by wireless methods.  The mobile phone works at even greater distances.  There simply has to be a sender and a receiver.  In this case, the sender is Jacquie, your BodyTalk practitioner and the receiver is you, or the animal

Young Family

Jacquie facilitates an enormous amount of Family Matrix sessions. Looking at the harmonies of all family members (and extended family members), including any animals that may be part of your family. If you would like to improve the relationships with in the family, feel connected and in tune with each other, address conflicts and rigid belief systems that may be fragmenting the harmony of the family, then go no further.


Business are no different than our body minds. They are like a living breathing entity. And like us, the communication throughout the entire business can become imbalanced. Leading to poor profit, high staff turn over, conflict, time management issues, lack of inspiration and enthusiasm.


If you're looking for forward movement, a cohesive 'on the same page' team, renewed passion and insight, then a business matrix treatment is what your looking for.

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