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I love sharing my journeys from the courses I teach, the sessions I facilitate and the locations I speak at. Sharing time with and learning from amazing people and animals all over the world. Whilst I'm happy to share, please remember that all images on this site fall under copyright laws.

Tokyo Japan
Osaka Japan
Tokyo Japan
Singapore 2016
Singapore 2016
Singapore 2016
Toowoomba 2016
Toowoomba 2015
Friends and the Cortices technique
Access for Animals Hervey Bay
Hands on learning Recriprocals
Access for a horse via distance
Students debrief during class
Fun times, Gympie!
New Zealand Access for Aniamls
Sharing ideas and experiences
Singapore Zoo
Access for Animals Singapore
In the zone...
Jacquie's co-facilitator Mannie
Access techniques in Singapore
Access for Animals Canada
Singapore Zoo
Hervey bay 2014
Access for Animals
Sugar Glider
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