Case Studies

Multiple fractures

My 9yr old daughter had collided with a wall whilst running. The result was complete fractures of both ulnar and radius of left forearm, leaving the whole arm from the wrist to the elbow d-stabilized.


She went into immediate shock, was admitted to hospital pending orthopedic evaluation for scheduled surgery, where retraction of the fracture with pins and plates was planned.



A practitioner was enlisted within the first hour of the trauma, where Fast Aid and and Full BodyTalk session was facilitated by distance at approximately 5.30pm.


Stress and worry decreased significantly after this.


The fractures were so severe, that Abbey was hospitalised and scheduled for surgery the following day.


By early the next morning, the nervous system had started to release and process the shock, pain had decreased.


X-rays were taken prior to surgery and showed a profound re-alignment of both fractures, that surgery was put on hold for 7 days.


During the 7 days, Abbey had Access daily, Cortices often and three further BodyTalk Sessions with different practitioners.


Upon return to hospital 7 days after the injury, where it was thought by her surgical team that she would require surgery to stabilize the fractures, they were shocked to see a further almost perfect realignment of both bones had taken place and bone growth was already visible on x-rays.


It was decided at this point to not do surgery.


She was expected to be in a full cast for a further 12 weeks.


Every week, Abbey had x-rays and reviews done by the orthopedic team at hospital. Every week, they were astounded at how rapidly the arm was healing. At some of the appointments, it was thought from the results they were observing, that she had received a manual reduction of the bones in surgery for it to have aligned and healed so quickly.


They were always shocked when they realized, that, that had not been done in any hospital.


Her pain was nil on day 3 after the injury. The restriction throughout the shoulder from compound shock had released and was moving freely.


Abbey has full use and movement of arm, wrist, elbow and shoulder.Last x-rays reported strong bone growth and full recovery 6 weeks ahead of schedule.



X-Ray 1 hour after injury

X-Ray after Fast Aid,

Access and a full

BodyTalk Session

X-Ray 1 week after


Chronic Back Pain

62 year old gentleman came for a BodyTalk treatment becasue of chronic lumber back pain for more than 30 years.


It affected his mobility, posture, and vitality, along with digestive, bowel, intestinal parasite issues.


It was a regular occurance over the previous 16 years that he would require at least a few days off work every month due to the sever pain and restriction, preventing him from being able to do his active job.


After the first initail treatment, I rang the gentleman to follow up with him as to his progress, not only had he not experienced any pain in his back at all since the session, but his body went through 5 days of cleansing and detox, where he passed the infestation of parrasites.


The client was followed up with 12 months later again, and reported to not having experienced any back pain during this time at all, he also repoted that his digestive system was functioning exceptional well.


Fast Aid for woman after car accident

A head to head car accident happened outside my clinic in 2007. In one of the vehicles a woman in her 5 month of pregnancy, sat with the steering wheel pushed into her abdomen.


The woman was hysterical, hyperventilating, and complaining of severe abdominal and back pain, her concern was her baby, she felt that she was miscarrying.


Immediately I started the Fast Aid protocol (taught in BodyTalk Access for Animals and BodyTalk Access (for humans)) The purpose of this protocol is that it is used in emergency situations just like this one, whilst medical attention is arriving. This supports and encourages the body mind to calm itself, gain some clarity and perspective so it can inninate a healing process..


I spent the next 10 minutes applying the Fast Aid techniques over and over again.


Within 3 mins, her breathing had fallen back into a stable rhythm. She was able to process the situation and her head felt clearer.


By the time the ambulance arrived, she was engaging in conversation, laughing about the situation, her back pain had decreased from a 8 to a 2, her abdominal pain had dropped from a 9 to a 3, and she was able to calmly be accessed and looked after by paramedics.


Two days later the lady came to visit me in clinic to thank me. She had recovered so well that she was released from hospital the following day, with no left over injuries to her or the baby.

Mammary Tumour

Milly was an 8 year old Cocker spaniel, her owner had contacted me for a BodyTalk treatment, it had been discovered that Milly was having a recurrence of tumours of the Mammary glands, and it was expected that surgical intervention was her only option again.


The first BodyTalk treatment focused on the pathology of the tumour, the immune and lymphatic systems, resetting and getting them back on track to recognise the pathogen and launch an immune response on it.


Within 4 days after the first treatment, the tumour had shrunk by 60% eliminating the immediate need to operate.


A follow up session was facilitated two weeks later, where other aspects on the recurrence of the cells came under focus, finding the reason why this was occuring in the first place. Some genetic factors were addressed here.


A review was conducted by the owner and Milly's vet care team 4 weeks later to find the tumour had regressed and had healed.


Although to this day, Milly has been watched carefully there has been no recurrence of tumours some two and a half years later and she continues to be a very happy and balanced dog.

Floating Gold Fish

A family members Goldfish lay floating belly up in an outdoor pond, and not moving...some slight gill movement was observed.


The 12 year old asked me while I was there to do a BodyTalk treatment to help the fish.


Given that it was an emergency, and I suspected that may be the Goldfish was ready to transition, I immediately used the owner as a surrogate to facilitate the Fast Aid protocol that is used in these situations for the Goldfish.


Half way through the first application of Fast Aid, the Goldfish started wiggling and moving its whole body, trying to swim upside down.


I repeated the Fast Aid protocol another 3 times, at which point, I left to visit in on a horse on the same property.


An hour went by, I expected the young boy to tell me that the Gold Fish had in fact passed, but instead, he informed me, that it was now upright, swimming strong, and he had just feed him, in which he hungrily ate faster than he had ever seen.


18 months later when the boy and his family moved from that property, the Goldfish was still happily swimming in his pond.