What is The BodyTalk System?

BodyTalk is what you get when you combine western medical expertise with Chinese medicine, physics, mathematics, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of kinesiology, advanced yoga, and advaitic philosophy.


An exceptionally powerful, healing system that is simply brilliant in its simplicity…and, it gets outstanding clinical results. The man who created BodyTalk, Dr. John Veltheim, used his extensive experience and education and, in a stroke of brilliance, combined healing modalities from all over the planet, ancient and modern, and then 'asked' the body what the healing priorities were through a simple set of 'yes' 'no' responses.

The basic premises underlying The BodyTalk System constitute a new paradigm for synchronizing and balancing the bodymind that can be implemented in conjunction with any health care system. The body is a very complex ecosystem involving a delicate balance between physiological biochemical functions, emotional and mental interactions, environmental influences, hereditary and 
genetic restrictions, and the need to synchronize all these factors into a cohesive whole.


The outstanding growth and success of the BodyTalk system is essentially fuelled by the following factors:

1. Outstanding results occur in almost every sphere of health care.

2. It can be used as a stand-alone health care system and can be learned in a relatively short time.

3. It can be seamlessly integrated into any other health care modality and is complementary to each modality.

4. It is totally non-invasive and absolutely safe. There are no contraindications to its use.

5. No diagnosis is given, no medications prescribed, and no invasive techniques imposed upon the patient.

6. Patients and animals thoroughly enjoy the sessions and the results are evident within all aspects of health – mind, body, and spirit.


BodyTalk can be used as a standalone system to treat many chronic and acute health problems, or can be seamlessly integrated with any healthcare regimen to increase its overall effectiveness. BodyTalk's major assets are its simplicity, safety and the speed of results.

In the BodyTalk System, we tend not to talk about addressing specific diseases and symptoms. Instead, the BodyTalk philosophy is that every person has a unique balance that should be addressed. Once balanced, the client's own innate healing wisdom will successfully address specific symptoms and establish lasting patterns of good health. The ideal goal is to find the best, most dynamic point of balance within our bodymind complex, such that we are easily able to respond to the issues life throws at us with ease and grace.

Shout out's from some happy humans
Jacquie McIntyre sessions

"BodyTalk is out of this world!" I'm a mother, wife and business partner. I'd simply lost myself. I'd tried many different natural alternatives to try and help me cope, and find the answer and freedom I'd been looking for.

BodyTalk was the answer to my prayers. Jacquie McIntyre and her BodyTalk sessions have helped me so much....mentally, emotionally and physically.

The difference in me is amazing! I feel it and now start to see it. I feel like I've re-discovered the old "true" me. I can't explain how good that is. BodyTalk has helped me see and feel "the light at the end of the tunnel" so to speak.  Jacquie is the best, she has inspired me greatly! Her sessions are fantastic. I get so much from them. She says its my body doing the talking, but she hits the nail on the head every session. I feel I'm so alive and motivated now thanks to Jacquie.

T.Corbet, Australia

My three children and I have had BodyTalk sessions with Jacquie for many years.

The changes to us as individuals and as a family are positive and enormous. Our physical, mental and spiritual life has improved dramatically, the biggest has been changes our health.

Thank you Jacquie


S.Langley, Australia

How does it work?


The BodyTalk System recognizes that within each and every one of us there lies the innate knowing of who we are and what makes us tick.This innate wisdom carries the answer to our health care dilemma.


This is addressed in the following way:

1. The BodyTalk System facilitates communication with the innate wisdom of the body by using neuromuscular biofeedback.This feedback provides the practitioner with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer to any question that is asked of the body.The innate wisdom thus provides BodyTalkers accurate guidelines with regard the bodymind requirements for optimum health.


2. By following a comprehensive protocol of questions, the BodyTalk practitioner can establish exactly what balancing the body needs in order to harmonize bodymind function. This involves finding out which organs, endocrines, or body parts need to be connected to heal communication between them at the physiological, biochemical, circulatory, nervous, emotional, and/or energy levels.


3. The patient and/or practitioner touch the parts that need repair and the practitioner then uses his/her fingers to gently tap the head of the patient in order to focus the brain toward repair. BodyTalk ‘tapping’ is based on an old Hatha Yoga technique and experiments with biofeedback apparatus show that when this tapping occurs while specific parts are being touched there is a major increase in brain activity in relation to those parts.


4. The practitioner then lightly taps the chest to store the

changes in the heart brain energy complex, which ensures

that the new balance is held in deep memory and is,

therefore, lasting, whilst also tapping over the area of the

Enteric brain (gut brain) to facilitate the process of

discernment and digestion of the information.

Jacquie facilitates BodyTalk sessions almost everyday for

both people and animals, in person and via distance healing.

Jacquie McIntyre and John Veltheim
Jacquie with the founder of
The BodyTalk System
John Veltheim