Healthy Boundaries

Understanding them, getting them, and keeping them in the face of life's up' and downs.


Exactly what you need to develop healthy boundaries, use them each day and keep them!


You know if your doing a webinar with me, then it's not going to be- put your head in a bucket boring. Let's explore and have some fun!

Real advice

From someone who has lived this, and helped thousands of people to reboot their boundaries and understand how critical they are to inner happiness, great relationships and a first class self worth.

"Everytime I do a course with Jacquie my life changes for the better. I found the more I knew about myself from her, the stronger I became and the more I loved who I was and what I was becoming. Jacquie is a treasure trove of insight, tools, resources and support....I now make sure I'm part of every course she is offering, because I know how amazing I feel from it and how extraordinarily better my life becomes with it"

Amanda Helbroom

mum, closet guitar player, partner and business owner of a party supply store.

"I didn't know the word 'boundary'...

I didn't know that there were healthy and unhealthy ones"

~ Jacquie

I didn't know that they protect me.

I didn't know they help me to feel confident and at peace. 

I didn't know they help me to know clearly what my values are.

I didn't know that they clearly define my 'lines in the sand'.

I didn't know that they could make or break my relationships.

I didn't know that without them, life can be one conflict and ram after the other.

Growing up a young girl trying to find my way in the world, no one around me was modeling healthy boundaries. And I find it's the same story for so many of you. It can be so tough to know your way around what's a boundary and what's not. 


It was not taught as a subject or self development class at school. In fact every time I was forced to hug a man who made me feel crappy and uncomfortable I thought...."That's what you have to do sometimes....just suffer through the things you don't like", even if your insides tell you not to. 


But then as I grew into my teenage years, I had more experiences, bigger ones, traumatic ones...they challenged my place in the world and my self belief. And they set off a chain of events that drove me to study everything about them...explore boundaries, understand them, develop them, keep them and teach them! 


Boundaries are not something that you learn all at once and then you never have to review them again. You will forever be able to put a new boundary in place or reevaluate a old one, or even get rid of one that doesn't work for you anymore. It's an evolving part of your journey to self.

The point is, I want you to give yourself a break! You have the time and capabilities to learn them in this course, let them grow and develop as you grow, and that's a super exciting thing!

First of all wow! What an excellent course you have created. So clear and so much depth and examples of both sides. I honestly loved every second. 

Sarah McGlinchey

The finer details...


Online...and at your own pace. You will be directed to the course immediately after enrolling. 


For a limited time, this course is FREE!

Are you ready to put healthy boundaries in place? Ones that help you to feel confident and safe? And ones that improve your relationships?

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