Total number of sessions in this group: 3
Approximate length of time: 4 hours
Handouts included: Yes

Your trajectory to 'Breathing new life into your Life'


This is an opportunity for anyone of any background to partake in a powerful group of BodyTalk sessions with Jacquie. These sessions were recently done via distance and recorded from an online live event.


Jacquie is known globally for her out of the box abilities and insightfullness...Her power to deliver complex concepts in a very concise and easily understandable way, so that you see the cause for something, the way that it shoews up in your life or affects you, and thus showing you the solution and a way forward.


Whether listening live or at a later date, these group Bodytalk sessions will increase your understanding of many BodyTalk and integrated medicine concepts and provide you with an opportunity for shifts not only in your consciousness, but your perceptions and understanding of life and yourself.


These are particularly powerful sessions if you have some current health issues or illness that your struggling to get any kind of resolve from. 

As we know, from many decades of continuous success, this kind of integrated medicine is a 'must have' to integrate as part of your healthcare team if you want to bring about and sustain long term changes and resolve.

This series of sessions focuses on the agenda of:

  • Self-awareness you have, what that looks at and where it has come from (ie; past experiences, past life and/or ancestral information)

  • Your physical body

  • Pain and restrictions 

  • Illnesses or disease processes that the body is currently involved with 

  • Your make up of personality

  • Your perception & belief of yours and other peoples appearance.

  • Your personal views on life (both consciously and sub-consciously

  • Your self-identity (what you identfy with, the masks you wear and the hats you put on and portry to the world)

  • Your self-image that has been partially built from your early environment, early childhood.

  • As this is a number one group of sessions, it's heavily focuses on new biginnings, and a re-birthing process of such.

Dynamic Group Distance Sessions

'Breathing New Life into your Life' is the first group of sessions in the overall program of Dynamic Group Distance Sessions where there is 12 series of sessions in the whole program. Each is unique and covers many different agendas and concepts.


The Dynamic Group Distance Sessions program is designed to adress the whole person aspect of be accessible, easy to understand and integrate. Above all, they are designed to bring profound change to your health network. They give you the opportunity to go through and learn deeply from each series before moving on to the next.


The entire 12 groups of sessions in the program are heavily aligned to draw upon and focus on the information, archetypal energies and consciousness from multiple aras...The 14 major Meridians of the bodymind, the body's cycles and systems, the zodiac's, the 12 houses, the Planets and the Chakra system.


Each session draws on teachings from wisdom such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Quantum Physics, Entanglement theory, Anatomy and Philosophy, Bioenergetic Psychology, neuroscience, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology. Acupuncture, yoga and meditation philosophies, Chiropractic, consciousness studies and Energy Psychology.


What's included

  • 3 BodyTalk Sessions with Jacquie

  • Lifetime access to the video recordings for all 3 sessions

  • Lufe time access to the Dynamic Group Session Facebook group where you can share your experiences and ask questions. 

  • Inclusion into the free Group sessions that Jacquie facilitates regularly for her entire client and student matrix. These are done live online.

  • After session guidelines handout

  • You will be given preference when it comes time for Jacquie to release the new year of Dynamic Group Session program places. You will have access to the pre-release prior to the places being opened to the public.

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