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I'm a big believer in knowledge empowering you in your healing and health journey. That's why I've gathered some resources for you to support you along the way. 




Foggy brain and thinking?


Poor memory recall?

Poor balance or coordination?

Would you love to have better concentration, more focus and improved ability to think clearly?

There is a wonderful technique that takes you about 40 seconds to do. You can do it once a day or 10 times a day, easily and safely AND IT'S CALLED CORTICES


And what it does is improve the communication between both hemispheres so the brain can function as its intended to and allows the nervous system to be calm and regulated. 

Everyone reports feeling more calm, relaxed and at peace. Lots of people report how much better sleep is, especially if they do the Cortices technique just before sleep.

I would love to offer you the free 30 day Cortices reboot series. I will send you a different video everyday to your email inbox. In it will be a video where I walk you through the technique of Tapping out your Cortices...and each day I will introduce you to something new. I might be a particular part of your brain and what it's role is. It may be showing you how to facilitate the technique in different ways so you can do it on family and friends. 

By the end you will be an expert in the Cortices technique, have a new found wealth of information about your head brain and most of all, you will be dramatically improving the overall function of the brain and the rest of your body.

Your going to love it.

This series was recorded over 30 days as I took my community through the Cortices technique on Facebook.

We had lots of fun, saw lots of huge improvements in participants and it will be great to hear about your journey throughout it as well.

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