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Past Lives

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The concept of past lives comes up nearly everyday in my clinic. They are both exciting and life changing to be able to address them effectively. As beings here in human form we have layers of complexity we can barely grasp. Much more than we have been taught to understand. Now's the time to take those understandings and skyrocket it to new heights. Past life factors are just one of those fascinating complexities and without the ability to understand and address them, the way in which they affect the individual remains strong and unhealed. Even more fascinating is the knowledge that these unresolved past life factors can be what fuels someone's alcoholism, or another persons unexplainable fear of birds or someone's birth mark that covers some part of their body. And very often clients come to their sessions with a very warped understanding of what past lives are. This is totally understandable, I too was taught when younger that I was a which burned at the stake in a past life. The truth is quiet different, it's both inspiring and heart warming to truly know what past lives are and how they exist in our reality. I'm so very excited to share it with you in this course. In this course we are; ~ Clarifying what past lives are ~ Giving you a comprehensive view into the most common past lives ~ Showing you how they affect us ~ And a powerful group session to initiate the next phase of healing the conflict that past lives are causing you right now. Plus loads more.

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