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Creative Felting e-course

Is it possible to become healthier, decompress your stressed worn out nervous system and learn some things about yourself through creativity? YES!

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My gift to you, time with me to explore different felting techniques. Ways in which we can use this incredible medium. And chat about how it is so crucial for your overall health to have creative outlets that you actively participate in.

  • This e-course was filmed in my Facebook group 'My Incredible Orbit' so you will notice the others joining me asking and sharing their questions.

  • You will have the opportunity after you have watched it to complete a quick feedback form. Purposefully to ask me questions and offer feedback. All questions submitted will be put into a new webinar your welcome to join at no charge.

  • Activating creativity very deliberately as much as you can is vital for your overall health and wellbeing- I explain why in here.

  • I show you some of my projects I've completed recently plus what I'm working on.

  • I'll walk you through the step by step process of making a felted drink coaster that is unique, durable and washable. 

About this course:

I invited everyone along to join me in this super chilled Creative Felting workshop, check it out here. 

Why Felting?

It's a beautifully versatile and natural material, begging to be crafted into something magical. 

  • Creativity is one of the most underrated healthcare solutions for a person.
  • Anyway you can bring something creative into your life, you enable the bodymind complex to initiate many many processes- some of them are;
    • Regulation of blood pressure
    • Detoxification of waste product, toxins and impurities.
    • Dissolving of sabotaging thoughts and emotions
    • Balancing of stress hormones
    • Synchronization of brain function
    • Planning and prioritizing of healing processes
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Regulation of parasympathetic nervous system.

  • Felting is a low cost creative project- tools and materials can be resourced at no or low cost.
  • Learn a medium that is not the normal "creative pursuit"- it's great to dive into unchartered waters.
  • Birth a project for yourself...because you deserve it, you matter! or gift it to a loved one.

The finer details...


Your lounge room - It's self paced, so take your time. 


On demand- Allow for approx 2 hours of great information, tips & tools.

Will I need anything?:

A pen and something to write on, you may want to take notes.

What's my VIP price?: 

Would you believe it's free? Yep, my gift to you and my amazing community.

Do I get anything else?:

Yes, yes YES! Check out the photo gallery below for lots of creative inspiration so you can go forth with confidence and excitement to birth your very own!

Inspired Felted pieces

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My thoughts>>>

What will I take you through?

It is not necessary to have any of the equipment I have in this, in order to be able to do the course. All of my supplies were gathered over time and bought for a few dollars here and there. The discount stores are wonderful for this kind of thing. ​I take you through all of them and give you a full list, including any links in the course.

How to make a unique and individualised felted drink coaster.

Embellishing your projects with cotton threads, beads etc

Showing you a few other felted project options you might like to try, 

How to sew your Felted drink coaster layers together, that finishes the work of art off beautifully!

Using mixed media with your wool...polymer clay is a wonderful touch.

How you can dye natural coloured wool.

Ways that you can trim and edge your felted drink coaster.

This course is just under 3 hours in length. You can do it in batched and pick up from where you left off.

Frequently asked questions

After I sign up will I get sent the-Course?

Yes, you will be directed to it the moment you complete sign up! and it's self paced.

You have access to the course for it's life...that's a lot of beautiful felted pieces of art you can create!

Is there any after course support, if I have any questions?

Absolutely, there are a few actually. Our support email is you can reach our helpful team here. I also encourage you to connect with me online where you can ask me any questions that come up for you after the course. Connect with me on Instagram

Let's go - Take this journey with me,

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