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The Breath that Rocks your Body

Understood breath has the ability to transform your health and give you back your life.

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About this course:

Learning to use your breath in a very deliberate and intentional way, by harnessing the psychology of your body to bring about CONFIDENCE - ENERGY - FREEDOM.


You will learn five ​​global breathing techniques that are easy to know, remember and use anywhere at any time,


These will make a infinite difference to the overall health of your body, mind and general way that you have been feeling on a day to day basis. It's time to Happy UP!


A straightforward introduction into the critical and direct relationships that your Breath cycle, Respiratory system and Lung has with other parts of your body.

You will be diving into the world of body psychology, where you will discover how the consciousness of these body parts have a colossal impact on your overall happiness and health.

Learning about these direct relationships within your body will show you clearly how your current experience of disease, illness, anxiety, depression, lack of energy and motivation are the end result of profound miscommunication within these systems.

I've been so excited to bring this course to you for over 2 years that I had to share what it's about as soon as I finished.

Why is it SO important to know about the psychology of my body and the way these direct relationships work within me?

  • Your whole body is built upon millions of these relationships. They affect the way in which you perceive and receive your reality.

  • They affect your relationship with yourself and your outside interpersonal relationships. 

  • Each part of your body has it's very own personality...or consciousness. So you're literally getting to know who the uniqueness and behavior of each part as we introduce them. This is the first course in a whole host that will being to get you familiar with them. 
  • As you being to understand the psychology of these body parts and integrate the breathing techniques into your life, your biggest and most valuable relationship changes...the one with yourself. Your Love of and Value of Self skyrockets.
  • Each time you watch this, the information digests to a deeper level of awareness. This turns into knowledge and your knowledge becomes your wisdom that you take forward with you in life.

  • You become empowered in a way that enables you to grow and evolve beyond your perceived limitations.
  • You will now have tools that help you to shift from perhaps being powerless and doubtful to feeling strong, courageous and happy.
  • By learning the consciousness (psychology) of these direct relationships it stops treating just the symptom and actually gets to core issues. You can literally get off that hamsters wheel and start seeing change that comes from a process of healing and not because we are whacking a bandaid over it so it stops hurting. 

The finer details...


Your lounge room - It's self paced, so take your time. 


 As a graduate of The Breath that Rocks your Body you qualify to join Jacquie live online for a follow up webinar where she will answer all your questions that you submit after watching this course. Be sure to leave your feedback and questions when your finished.


On demand- There are two videos in this e-course. Allow for approx 3 hours of great information, tips & tools.

Will I need

A pen and something to write on, you may want to take notes. I'm a note taker and doodler in courses! For some people it can help the information digest more deeply.

What's my 
VIP price?: 

Get it for my SPECIAL RELEASE price of $20 AUD

NB: My Incredible Orbit village members- do not sign up for this course. It is part of your membership.

Do I get anything else?:

Yes, yes YES! You will also get my special FREE handout:

Jacquie's Breathing and your Body ebook

What others have said about this course...

Healthcare practitioner


I went into this not knowing anything about matrices or mandalas really, and now I feel like I've got a new set of glasses that allows me to see things differently. I'm so glad I invested in this course!

Business coaching


Well what can I say, I really have learnt a lot today. I had no idea that I could bring so much healing to any matrix by using these techniques. I'm excited to being.



You have such good energy and explain everything so well. Of course I loved getting right to it and painting our rocks! We did it for the new moon in scorpio.

Times when these Five Breathing techniques will be Valuable.

I very deliberately chose these five breathing techniques because of the ways in which they work with your body-mind, the versatility, ease of learning and understanding, but most of all the ability to use them anywhere and anytime was a must.

As you wake up. Include it into your routine. There are a few techniques in particular which are great for setting you up for a brilliant day.

The evening and especially before you go to bed. Some are wonderful for clamming the nervous system and helping your body prepare for sweet dreams! You can do them several times over if your having sleep issues.

If you experience any kind of anxiety or similar type experiences- You can use all of these at will. They are at your disposal to use whenever you feel like you need some on the spot support that will bring immediate change.

Prior to any kind of stressful event such as exams, meetings, mediations, high functioning roles etc

Prior to high performance events such as sport, work, birth out etc

Especially great for pre and post surgery because of the wonderful effects it has on the brain and chemistry of the body. It sets you up for an amazing recovery with no need for stress.

Teaching them to your Youth.

Kids and adolescents get so much out of this. At that age they still have far less sabotages and restricting belief systems that hinder their healing process, compared to adults. Teaching them these breathing techniques helps them to stay calm, regulated within their brains and bodies and have a happier disposition to life. 

Frequently asked questions

After I sign up will I get sent the-Course?

Yes, you will be directed to it the moment you complete enrollment and it's self paced, so you can take your time and come back to it if you need. You will also be emailed all the details. Be sure to add our details to your email contacts list so it doesn't end up in spam or junk. You have access to the course for it's life.

Is there any after course support, if I have any questions?

Absolutely, there are a few actually. Our support email is you can reach our helpful team here. I also encourage you to connect with me online where you can ask me any questions that come up for you after the course. Connect with me on Instagram.

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