Big Thoughts and Big Ideas

I will be addressing the concepts, understanding and knowledge around spirituality, philosophy and personal values. Re-evaluating the inherent ethics and morals captured in your genetic information to give you a more rounded, holographic perception of life, richness to your relationships and insight into your future direction.


This set of sessions is set to expand your field of vision when it comes to the scope of your awareness of self, your thoughts,  feelings and big ideas!

Don't like where your at?

These sessions will change your Trajectory

Don't like how your feeling?

Feeling unsure about your direction or purpose?

So many others before you did too...and now they are living daily a richer and wildly on purpose life, you will too.

You and me...this is the month we bring the change...

 I have such gratitude for your work, your integrity and the witnessing of that alignment....So much thank you!

Sandra Love

I am blown away!!! Having felt like crap for soooooooo many years and now starting to enjoy the prospect of a day without pain and distress is such a gift. 

Cindy Bach

Join Jacquie for these life changing group of 3 sessions, facilitated live and online, starting September 14th.

Now is the right time to be the change you want to not only see in yourself, but in your world too.

Working with a sophisticated consciousness based healthcare system such as BodyTalk, this will be the 12th series that Jacquie has sat and been observer to this year. With astonishing result worldwide there has never been a better time to join in at these crazy discounted prices.

Or you can choose to GO BIG and join me for the rest of the year

The next four months are going to be epic! Lets look at what you will be doing...


Here we address concepts, understanding and knowledge around spirituality, philosophy, a persons values, ethics and morals. This set of sessions is set to expand a persons field of vision when it comes to the scope of your awareness of self, the thoughts and feelings and big ideas!


There are so many belief systems when it comes to work and purpose. For a lot of people they dont seem to marry together, or they believe that they are two separate things. What about the old 'gotta work hard for your money' type of belief, or 'work yourself into the ground'. This one will apply to everyone to some extent, a big one, with Big results! Lets align with your purpose!


This is both focused on internal and external support systems, but more so the external support systems.

Putting into play and making sure you have the correct support systems, people, groups, associations going on around you. Many people feel separated, unsupported, left out. They haven't found their tribe yet, dont have a support matrix to belong to. This set of sessions will heavily be focuses on setting those up and repairing any that do not serve you.


 To become unveiled, to have less filters, attachments, we further unravel, the unconscious mind, subconscious memory, subconscious habit and patterns from the past, illness of the mind, karmic releases, self-deception, escapism, limitations, frustration, and ultimately our self-undoing, to find the freedom you so rightly search for through simply BEing. The Perfect session to finish a cycle off with.

Don't settle for an ordinary life.

Exchange it for an Extraordinary Life today.

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