A dynamic approach to healthcare awaits you...and you're going to love it.

You will learn five very powerful techniques from The BodyTalk System, that are proven to support you and your family as well as a Fast Aid protocol that is essential to know in times of stress and trauma.

The power will always be in your hands

The wellness routine you will learn, focuses on helping internal lines of communication that have broken down and are not working properly, to re-organise and balance themselves within the bodymind.


This ultimately helps you to have more resilience towards stress, pathogens and any other factors that can be detrimental to your long term health.


This Access routine is designed to be practiced as a complete set which take only a few minutes to do and can be done once a day or more depending on what your needs are.

The entire Access routine is designed to be usable and accessible no matter where you are or a loved one is in the world. Once you learn the tecnhiques, you can use them in any situation and any environment, which means that you will forever then have the power within your own hands to bring about great change and peace to yourself or anyone who needs the help!

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techniques before you

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These five techniques along with the Fast Aid routine, work together as a set to balance the body in very general ways. Even though the balancing is general, the effects are frequently immediately noticeable.


Improves the communication and connections between both hemispheres of the brain and the different Cortices sections within the brain.

It dramatically improves the overall efficiency of brain function which translates into escalated function of the body and current health issues. This technique is like hitting the reset button on your body's computer...it feels great!


This is both an important and powerful technique. It is designed to allow the brain and nervous system to find a better balance between the stressed responses that cause the Brain to 'switch'. The bodymind complex then becomes much better balanced between it's tendencies to switch between sympathetic and parasympathetic states. The brain is then abal eot function better and the immune system remains clam and strong.


All physiological processes in the cells, nerves, organs, and other structures are dependent upon a good supply of water. Very often the transportation of water across the cell membranes is compromised. The Hydration technique helps to correct the body’s ability to fully utilize the water it has available, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of all physiological processes

Body Chemistry

This technique is designed to stimulate your immune system into addressing many chronic and acute conditions. Often, viruses, bacteria, parasites, allergies, food intolerances, and accumulated toxins are not effectively addressed by the immune system because of various imbalances in the body.

This technique can correct these imbalances so that your body can then restore health without the need for drug intervention.


The integrity of the structure of your body is critical for you to live a healthy and mobile life. The coordination of the muscles, balance of the muscle tone, and the unrestricted flow of energy through your body are all critical to healthy functioning at all levels of the body mind complex. The Reciprocals technique re-establishes the integrity of the structures of the body and can have significant effect on many forms of injuries, arthritis, circulatory issues, coordination patterns & spinal problems, etc.

Fast Aid 

Access for People also includes a highly effective Fast Aid protocol that is non-invasive, safe, and very simple.

It will resolve simple issues as a standalone technique.

In serious situations it is designed to be used safely until specialized medical care is available.


Anyone can learn these

No prior training or knowledge is needed to get started today!

And I'm here to support you all the way.

Learn in one day

use for a lifetime.

You're going to have these very powerful tools for health at your fingertips for the rest of your life...Here are just a few things that these are great for.

  • Promotes great health and far less disease.

  • Increases Brain function.

  • Stimulates the immune system to do its job efficiently.

  • Quick injury response tool.

  • It's super easy, very safe and non invasive making it great for everyone.

  • Very efficiently decreases stress perception and responses.

  • Increases Resiliency.

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Improves body's hormonal balance

  • Addresses strain and tension in the bones, joints and muscles of the body.

  • Integrates with professional healthcare easily.

  • Sustainable healthcare.


Our youth are some of the most instinctive and tapped into their innate health needs of any of us, and I love having them in class so they too can learn the latest techniques along with with you.

All children who qualify for this must be accompanied by an immediate adult family member.

Rhonda, Artist

To be honest, I was worried that I wouldn't understand any of it, after all, I haven't done anything like this before, but I knew it was important for me to believe in myself. Not only did I get it, but I loved it so much I'm going to go on and do more training in BodyTalk...Thank you Jacquie!

Beverly, Teacher

My plan was to learn this so I could take my pupils through it. I knew it would help with their learning, brain function and increasing their resilience, but now I know that I'll be doing all these techniques on myself every day. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the changes in health.

Natalie, Nurse

For the past few years, things have happened which has caused me to look deeper into healthcare and healing. And I ended up seeing Jacquie for BodyTalk sessions...they blew me away. I had such huge changes to my emotional and stress state, it prompted me to learn for myself. I'm so glad I did...thank you Jacquie, I absolutely Loved it!

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